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eLenoiZe music was founded in 2008 by Russian progressive dj & producer Maxim Prikhodko, more known as spex. Though there are thousands of labels releasing thousands of thousands tracks we are sure that there is still some place for us to share the music we love. Our goal is not only to release finest progressive, house and trance tunes, but also to build a solid society working together with common desire to share with people the music we create and the music we love. We believe that this is the only way to break through to the very top of the dance scene nowadays.

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ELR003: spex - Helio Sun
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Tracklist: 1. Original Mix
2. Aspiration Trance Mix
3. Magnetik Remix
Release date: 21.01.2009
Release status: out
Delivering its third release eLenoiZe records presents you new names and new styles. With the label owner spex responsible for the original, you will also find in the package remixes from a rising talent from Russia - Aspiration - and a real gem from Serbia - Magnetik.

You are a trance DJ or you like chill out moments in your sets? Then you will find something special inside! Original Mix gives you the best from electro influenced progressive trance being at the same time driving and warm. Aspiration Trance Mix turns the original into more energetic way. And finally Magnetik presents us a peace of chill out beaty. All in all, this release proves to be a good step into trance scene, covering a chill out field too.


Magnetik Ambient Remix - #32 in Release Promo Chart [23.12.2008]

Aspiration Trance Mix - #17 in JunoDownload Uplifing Trance Sales Chart

Magnetik Ambient Remix - #42 in Trackidown Electronica Sales Chart

Aspiration Trance Mix - #58 in DJ Download Trance Sales Chart

Radioplays: Trance Vision Playlist 28/01/2009

Arminstel - Trance Evolution vol.16 (28.01.2008)


"not realy my kind anymore, magnetik is the more suitable for me. cool" - 4.0 / 5
KyneticS (Manuel) (Italy)
( - Rosa Dei Venti Club - Monumento - Paips Café - Il Clan)

"A really nice uplifting and melodic prog trance track with some nice remixes in different styles. Will support." - 4.0 / 5
Jehr (USA)

"Only one of these that sound kind of cool is the Magnetic remix whichis nice laid back downtempo stuff. The original has a nice groove and Iam sure those into this rapid trance style may enjoy it." - 3.0 / 5
Kev Obrien (USA)
(Stranjj Recordings | | Proton Radio )

Johan Nilsson (DI.FM Program Direcor) Nice release! 3 mixes with 3 very different sounds. Eachsuitable for a different mood and dancefloor. Definitely enjoying it and willsupport!

DJName:Gene (Original Mix) (suzzara, italy)
Reaction: Good
Rating: 8
Charting: yes
Comments: good intro , trance is not my genre but this is easy & good

DJName:Gene (Aspiratino Trance Mix) (suzzara, italy)
Reaction: Good
Rating: 7
Charting: yes
Comments: not my genre but is a good train for the dancefloor

DJName:Gene (Magnetik Ambient Remix) (suzzara, italy)
Reaction: Excellent
Rating: 10
Charting: yes
Comments: very mental atmosphere , i love , perfect! 10+

DJName:The Mystic Force (Magnetik Ambient Remix) (Belgium)/Outsoon Mag (Belgium)/Go Mag (Holland)
Reaction: Very Good
Rating: 9
Charting: yes
Comments: nice chiller, great atmosphere in this production!

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The latest news
Russian Breeze vol. 1 Compiled by Spex
We are looking forward to hearing the first compilation compiled by the label owner spex - Russian Breeze vol. 1 to be out on Plusquam Division very soon. There you will find 10 finest house tracks from Russian only DJs and producers, thoroughly selected by spex himself. Within these 10 tracks you will also find 3 releases of the label!
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Breaking charts
We are glad to tell you, that our latest release "spex - Helio Sun" is doing well around the globe. After "Aspiration Trance Mix" getting into Top20 tracks in Junodownload Uplifting Trance Sales Chart (at position #17), "Sanya Shelest Remix" from electrifRied version of the single made it even higher - to the position #79 in DJ Download TOP100 Sales Chart (all genres).
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Clubb Rezidents Project joins eLenoiZe records as a resident artist
We are glad to announce that Clubb Rezidents Project has joined eLenoiZe records as a resident artist. Their single One Night With You will be released as a debut release of the project.
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