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eLenoiZe music was founded in 2008 by Russian progressive dj & producer Maxim Prikhodko, more known as spex. Though there are thousands of labels releasing thousands of thousands tracks we are sure that there is still some place for us to share the music we love. Our goal is not only to release finest progressive, house and trance tunes, but also to build a solid society working together with common desire to share with people the music we create and the music we love. We believe that this is the only way to break through to the very top of the dance scene nowadays.

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VA - eLenoiZe records House Sessions vol. 1
Sanya Shelest - The Drops EP
Sanya Shelest - Natasha (remixes edition)
spex - the sound of eLenoiZe (remixes edition)
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ELR003a: spex - Helio Sun (electrifRied)
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Tracklist: 1. Sanya Shelest Remix
2. Sanya Shelest Electro Mix
3. East Sunrise Remix
4. Sanya Shelest feat. Alkanta Vocal Mix
Release date: 21.01.2009
Release status: out
While trance lovers explore "Helio Sun" release, for those who love electro and progressive house we have prepared the "electrifRied" version.

Our electro star Sanya Shelest is responsible for the most of the package with two very different and at the same time very interesting versions of the original - energetic and driving Sanya Shelest Remix and melancholic and lyrical Sanya Shelest Electro Mix. If there's a chance that electro house can be a slow dance - you won't find better way to prove it than to listen to Sanya's Electro Mix. Add here the result of his collaboration with Russian singer Alcanta and a remix from our friend East Sunrise and you'll get an absolutely incredible "electrifRied" feeling!


Licensed for Plusquam Division's compilation "Russian Breeze vol. 1 Compiled by Spex"


Sanya Shelest Remix - Audiojelly Recommended [Tech House/Electro]

East Sunrise Remix - Audiojelly Recommended [House]

Sanya Shelest Remix - #79 in DJ Download TOP100 Sales Chart (all genres)

Sanya Shelest Remix - #38 in DJ Download House Sales Chart

Radioplays: PROGrance WORLDWIDE [002] w DJ SLanG -guestmix by Darin Epsilon (USA)- 20.01.2009 []


"Sanya Shelest Electro mix and East Sunrise mix are the tops here forme, very nice vibe for each, they could even blend nicely for a while"- 4.5 / 5
DJ Medi..USA)
(Ultimo Productions, DI.FM Radio,

"Sanya Electro mix if my fav here, nice deep early groovy warm up!" - 3.5 / 5
Sasha Le Monnier (UK)
(Source Of Gravity/Ascension Records/Nightshade Music /Balkan Connection/Pangea Recordings/Bellarine)

"A nice ep with cool remixes of an already great tune. From proggy toelectro there is something here for everyone. Great melodies and nicegrooves. Will support." - 4.0 / 5
Jehr (USA)
() DJName:Gene (Sanya Shelest Remix) (suzzara, italy)
Reaction: Good
Rating: 7
Charting: yes
Comments: too trance for me but danceble 6 happy , not bad

DJName:Gene (Sanya Shelest Electro Mix) (suzzara, italy)
Reaction: Good
Rating: 7
Charting: yes
Comments: mental track good trip

DJName:Gene (East Sunrise Remix) (suzzara, italy)
Reaction: Very Good
Rating: 9
Charting: yes
Comments: very good groove , very danceble & evocative

DJName:Greg Desty (East Sunrise Remix)
Affiliation:Various Mtl.
Reaction: Good
Rating: 8
Charting: yes
Comments: .

DJName:Gene (Sanya Shelest feat. Alkanta Vocal Mix) (suzzara, italy)
Reaction: Good
Rating: 6
Charting: yes
Comments: i don't like the voice , too long , the ritm & atosphere yes .

DJName:Greg Desty (Sanya Shelest feat. Alkanta Vocal Mix)
Affiliation:Various Mtl.
Reaction: Very Good
Rating: 8
Charting: yes
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Russian Breeze vol. 1 Compiled by Spex
We are looking forward to hearing the first compilation compiled by the label owner spex - Russian Breeze vol. 1 to be out on Plusquam Division very soon. There you will find 10 finest house tracks from Russian only DJs and producers, thoroughly selected by spex himself. Within these 10 tracks you will also find 3 releases of the label!
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Breaking charts
We are glad to tell you, that our latest release "spex - Helio Sun" is doing well around the globe. After "Aspiration Trance Mix" getting into Top20 tracks in Junodownload Uplifting Trance Sales Chart (at position #17), "Sanya Shelest Remix" from electrifRied version of the single made it even higher - to the position #79 in DJ Download TOP100 Sales Chart (all genres).
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Clubb Rezidents Project joins eLenoiZe records as a resident artist
We are glad to announce that Clubb Rezidents Project has joined eLenoiZe records as a resident artist. Their single One Night With You will be released as a debut release of the project.
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